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"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.  For your passion will lead you directly to your purpose."


T.D. Jakes

Trench baby was created to give kids with the passion and drive to play the game the opportunity to play the game.  Through sponsorships and networking we want to give the young men the tools to succeed on and off the field.

Our mission here at Trench Baby is to, provide athletes with a way to gain exposure, provide them with proper equipment to play the game we all love, and lastly provide them with avenues to receive proper training.

As a team of coaches and also parents of athletes we noticed on common issue, a lack of lineman or as we like to say Trench Baby training.  This site was created to improve that, to help close the gaps of development.  We often see so many avenues for skilled position players to train and improve there craft, but very few people training lineman on proper techniques. 

Not here at Trench Baby our number one focus is life in the trenches. Trying to elevate the skill set of lineman and  teaching them or presenting them with the opportunity to receive proper training.

In a few short words tell us what we can do to improve our program.

Thanks for submitting!

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